Winter Weather Generator Tips

1. Snow Buildup 

Extreme snowfall can inhibit a generator from functioning properly. Keeping your generator clear of snow and ice buildup helps ensure your generator is there for you when you need it most.

2. Keep your battery and oil warm! 

If you don’t have one already, a Cold Weather Kit adds security that your generator will start easily and operate efficiently when it’s below freezing outside – extreme cold could lead to a failure to start. 

3. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance! 

We perform annual maintenance all year round; don’t let inclement weather hold you back from keeping up on your generator’s yearly maintenance.  Learn More about our proactive annual maintenance programs.

4. Propane Planning 

If your generator runs on propane, don’t forget to check your fuel level! During extended outages, call your propane supplier to refill the tank at half-empty.

5. Check your oil! 

  1. If equipped, check to be sure the green light on the right side of your generator is on.
  2. Clear away any snow or leaves around the air intake on right side of generator
  3. If your generator is running, it must be shut off before you check the oil level. Please use the Generator Shutdown Procedure if your generator is running and you need to check the oil.
  4. Check oil level and add oil if needed. This is very important if your generator has been running continuously. Do not overfill!

If you don’t have an automatic standby generator yet and use a portable generator during an outage, click here to read up on best practices and safety tips.

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