Certified SPAN Smart Home Installation 

Using the SPAN smart electrical panel, you can monitor and control all of your home’s circuits remotely. Real-time insights into your home’s energy use, storage, and generation are provided by the SPAN panel app. The Home Power Systems team is proud to be one of the few companies that are certified to install this energy-saving system.

Is SPAN Right For Me?

SPAN electrical panels are a great choice for controlling electricity usage. By viewing the energy usage of each circuit, you can lower your energy bills and set your own circuit priorities. Ultimately, it’s a great investment in allowing you to have a more efficient home. 

SPAN Panel

SPAN Panel Specs

  • Internet-connected gateway for wireless communication
  • Monitoring and controls for every circuit
  • Seamless integration with leading battery storage solutions
  • Compatible with standard circuit breakers

Span Drive

For a dynamic and flexible charging experience, SPAN Drive pairs with SPAN Panel. SPAN Drive lets you charge your EV faster, cleaner, and smarter using the SPAN Home app.

SPAN Drive Specs

  • Dynamic fast-charging
  • Charge management for upgrade avoidance
  • Charge on schedule (coming soon)
  • Solar charging (coming soon)
  • Off-grid charge optimization (coming soon)
  • Multi-charger power sharing (coming soon)

The SPAN Process

  1. Consultation: Find out what your energy management needs are with a SPAN expert.
  2. On-site visit: Your SPAN-certified installer at Home Power Systems will inspect the installation of your electrical panel.
  3. Installation: SPAN Panels are wired and tested for safety. You can now access your SPAN Panel after permits are filed.

Make Your Home Smarter with SPAN 

Considering installing an EV charging station? Our expert technicians at Home Power Systems provide reliable service and SPAN products to customers in the Rochester, Buffalo, Southern Tier, and Syracuse areas of NY. Schedule your free in-home estimate today.