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Generator Shutdown Procedure

Stopping the generator during a utility power outage – Only if required If the oil level is low, make sure you are using the manufacturer’s recommended oil specification. We suggest keeping 2 quarts on hand in case you need it. Re-starting the generator Call us at 716-314-1743 if you need... Read More

Generator Distance Guide

An air-cooled Generac generator with a steel or aluminum enclosure can now be installed as close as 18” from your home providing you install it at least 5ft. from a window or door opening, dryer vents, furnace vents, etc. and 3ft. from the exhaust or intake end of the generator... Read More

Be Prepared: Navigating a Planned Power Outage in NY

Living in Upstate NY has its charms, but occasionally, unexpected challenges arise that can disrupt our daily lives. If you’re a National Grid customer in the region, you might already be aware of the upcoming planned power outage scheduled for Saturday, January 6th. In this blog post, we’ll delve into... Read More

New 0% Interest Financing

    With more of us working from home than ever before, why wait to have the peace of mind of a standby generator? With our new financing program now you can not only have the best generator installation possible, but also the best financing options!  You can finance your... Read More

COVID-19 Response & Preparedness

Your standby home generator has always been an essential part of your home, and now more than ever. The security of uninterrupted power will be important as families rely on their homes to protect their loved ones, continue their jobs and try to create some normalcy during a time of... Read More

$500 Off Generator Installation + FREE 7-Year Warranty

With tax season in full swing, we want to help you spend your tax refund wisely. That’s why at Home Power Systems, we will match your tax return up to $500 PLUS get a FREE 7-Year Extended Warranty with any residential Generac generator installation! Your refund can be used in full... Read More

Generac PowerPro Premier Dealer Eleven Years Running

Generac PowerPro Premier Dealer Eleven Years Running  PowerPro is the highest level of distinction available to members of Generac’s independent dealer network and is open only to those that meet the most rigorous set of sales and customer service criteria.  Our customers receive a best-in-class sales and service experience from a... Read More

Replace or Upgrade Your Standby Generator

Have You Thought About Replacing or Upgrading Your Standby Generator? As any piece of equipment ages, warranties expire and the need for repairs may become more frequent. While a well-maintained generator can last for many years, some people prefer the added security of owning newer equipment, as well as the... Read More

Selecting your Home Generator: What is right for me?

Home stand-by generators have come a long way recently. They seem to have no limit to their capabilities and functionality. Whether it is a select circuit, whole house, or off the grid applications, stand-by generators are more capable and efficient than ever before.  The newest lines of generators produce clean power that is safe for... Read More